How to keep garlic fresh in oil for years

Overview Garlic is a basic culinary ingredient that may be kept fresh and readily usable by preserving it in oil. It not only prolongs the garlic’s shelf life but also gives the oil a deep, garlicky flavor that is excellent for sauces and cooking. You will learn how to safely and effectively preserve garlic in oil by following this easy-to-follow instructions.

Supplies Required: Fresh garlic bulbs / Quality olive oil or any neutral-tasting oil / Glass jar with a tight-fitting lid / Knife and cutting board.

Step-by-Step Instructions: 1. Get the garlic ready: Choose some fresh garlic first. Verify that the bulbs are mold-free and solid. Each garlic clove should be peeled. For optimal preservation, all of the papery skin must be removed.

2. Cut or Omit: Depending on your preference, you can either cut the garlic into small slices or leave the cloves whole. Whole cloves of garlic will permeate the oil more slowly than sliced garlic.

3. Clean the Jar: Make sure the garlic is sanitized to stop any bacterial development before putting it in the jar. After bringing the jar to a boil for around ten minutes, allow it to air dry. For proper preservation, this procedure is essential.

4. Add oil and garlic to the jar: Transfer the cleaned, dry garlic cloves into the jar. Add enough oil to the container so that the garlic cloves are well submerged. By doing this, the garlic is kept from rotting due to air exposure.

5. Conceal and Store: Put the jar’s lid on tightly. To keep the jar fresh, place it in the refrigerator. When storing garlic in oil, the chilly temperature can be problematic since it prevents the formation of botulism germs.

In summary Garlic preserved in oil is not only useful, but it also gives your dishes a delicious flavor boost. For optimal effects, keep your garlic oil refrigerated at all times and utilize it within a month. You’ll always have wonderful, ready-to-use garlic on hand for any dish that might require it if you follow this procedure. Savor the improved tastes that your handmade garlic-infused oil offers to your cuisine!