These fruits save thousands of people from the most insidious disease

These are wild fruits, small, elongated, red in color, with a sweet-sour, tangy taste. They grow in the autumn, in bushes, at the edge of forests, in hilly areas. They ripen from August to October and are a true vitamin depot. Regular consumption strengthens our bodies and protects us from the discomforts that come with the cold season.

Cornelian Cherries – What They Contain

Cornelian cherries contain more vitamin C than lemons, vitamin P, calcium, iron, magnesium, organic acids, sugars, tannins, essential oils, water (83%). They should not be consumed in large quantities (as they can create a sensation of “dry mouth”), as excess consumption can cause bloating or even nausea. There are many therapeutic indications for consuming cornelian cherries.

Health Benefits:

– They have astringent and antimicrobial properties, treating dysentery, diarrhea, enterocolitis, and alleviating symptoms in case of food poisoning;
– They are recommended, additionally, in the treatment of intestinal parasites;
– Immune stimulants, making the body more resistant in cold weather;
– They improve vision through lymphatic drainage effect in the head area and by improving peripheral circulation;
– They have a general tonic and energetic effect, being very useful in cases of chronic fatigue, improving memory, attention, and concentration skills;
– They improve blood sugar balance and regulate the sensation of hunger, as well as the weakness induced by hypoglycemia;
– They positively influence all endocrine glands, improving the overall state of the body;
– They improve adaptation to stress;
– They prevent the formation of kidney stones;
– They accelerate metabolic processes, being helpful in weight loss diets;
– They improve mineral utilization in the body;
– They increase fertility;
– They balance blood pressure in hypotensive individuals;
– They have an energizing effect, stimulating appetite and combating anorexia or loss of appetite;
– Through their content of antioxidant plant pigments, cornelian cherries prevent heart diseases, dyslipidemia, type II diabetes, macular degeneration of the eye in the elderly, maintain vision, have an anti-aging effect, improve skin condition;
– They have hemostatic properties, being used to stop nosebleeds, and all kinds of bleeding;
– They have a beneficial effect on a condition called vitiligo (caused by cerebral lymphatic stagnation and impairment of pituitary function), due to the balancing of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, especially in the head area;
– They have a febrifuge effect, being beneficial in reducing fever and chills in case of high body temperature.

Contraindications: Cornelian cherries are contraindicated for people with insomnia and those who suffer from stomach acidity.

NOTE: The article is transmitted for informational purposes and does not replace the advice of a specialist doctor.