Mix baby oil and cloves, and after 10 seconds you will never use anything else in your life

Are insects and mosquitoes bothering you enough? There’s nowhere else to look! We have a simple, natural remedy that you may make at home with baby oil and cloves. With this DIY repellent, you can enjoy the great outdoors hassle-free and keep those annoying pests at bay.

What You’ll Require: You’ll need the following ingredients to produce your own repellent: A dropper bottle made of dark glass / 35 milliliters of baby oil (an alternative would be olive oil) / Six cloves.

How to Make Your Own Repellent: First, assemble all required tools and components. Take the 35 ml of baby oil and fill the dark glass dropper bottle with it. You can also use olive oil if you’d like. Fill the bottle with six cloves. These tiny marvels are ideal for our homemade repellant because they naturally ward off insects.

After tightening the bottle’s cap, shake it thoroughly. This will facilitate the oil’s infusion with the cloves and guarantee that the oil absorbs their repulsive qualities. Give the mixture ten seconds or more to sit. The strong scent of the cloves will waft during this period, augmenting the repellent’s potency even more.

You are now prepared to utilize your homemade repellant! Apply a few drops to your exposed skin regions and rub them in lightly before you go outside. The cloves deter mosquitoes and the baby oil leaves your skin feeling soft. Reapply the repellent as needed or every several hours, particularly after swimming or perspiring. You can now enjoy being outside without being concerned about those bothersome bugs. Try this DIY repellent to see the effectiveness of natural defense against insects. Have fun exploring and stay bug-free!