Rules Essential for Cleaning Roses

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Cleaning roses is an important step to ensure healthy plant growth and to get beautiful flowers every year.

Proper pruning of roses can make the difference between a healthy bush and one that can deteriorate. Here are some general rules for pruning roses:

Proper pruning of roses
Roses can be pruned in any season, but it’s important to cut the branches at an angle, about 5 mm above the buds. If you want a bush fuller of roses, cut the branches that are growing outward, above the buds. If you want a vertical bush, cut the branches from the inside, above the buds.

It’s important to know how to cut correctly, depending on the age of the rose bushes. For example, in the first year, plants are pruned to half their height.

In the second year, 2-3 new shoots will appear on each branch, growing from the base stem. These shoots should not be cut from the base. One-year-old branches should be cut at the upper buds, which are well positioned below the bloomed buds, and two-year-old branches should be cut at 2-3 buds from the base.

For mature roses, completely remove short and dead branches that have grown after last year’s pruning.

To get the most beautiful flowers, cut off any thick lateral shoots that grow towards the center of the bush. This measure will allow better air circulation and better light for all parts of the plant.

Pruning tea hybrid roses
For tea hybrid roses, a spherical cut is recommended. Cut short the buds formed on the branches from the previous year.

It is recommended to leave 2-4 buds 15 cm above ground level for young bushes and 4-6 buds about 20 cm apart for mature bushes.

Also, leave 2-4 buds on the lateral branches and remove all inner branches from the center of the bush.

Pruning floribunda roses
To get the desired bush with strong branches and earlier flowering, cut the floribunda roses very short.

Cut some branches to about 1/3 of their length to stimulate earlier flowering. As for one-year-old branches, leave 3-5 buds on older branches and 2-3 buds on younger ones.

Old branches that have grown in the middle of the bush should be cut. These roses need pruning of the branches grown every 10-12 days.

Pruning park roses
Park roses do not need pruning in autumn. After tying the branches with ribbons, bend them into the ground and cover them.

These branches will be pruned in spring. After removing the winter covering, cut the branches to give them a nice shape and leave 2-4 buds on the lateral branches.

Pruning miniature roses
For miniature roses, cut broken branches in autumn and cut them in April in spring. Shorten about 1/3 of the length of the shoots in spring and completely remove weak, dead, and sick branches. Also, remove the shoots from the center of the bush.

Ground cover roses pruning
In autumn, cut the areas that have bloomed and the sick branches, and leave the young ones from the base stem that have grown that year. Cut the lateral branches at 2-3 buds from the base. In spring, cut the broken and frost-affected areas.

So, by respecting these pruning rules, you will have the most beautiful roses in your garden!