The solution to a big problem at home: Cut the lemon this way and add salt – When you see this recipe, say (thank you)

Materials You’ll Need: Fresh Lemons / Table Salt.

Instructions: Halve the Lemon: To begin, cut a single, fresh lemon into quarters. This cutting method makes the fleshy inside visible, making it simple to work with for a variety of purposes. Once you have the lemon quarters, sprinkle a tiny bit of table salt over the flesh that is visible. The lemon’s cleansing and deodorizing qualities are strengthened by the salt.

2. Salt-and-Lemon Cleaning and Deodorizing Solutions: The acidic properties of lemon mixed with the abrasive texture of salt make for an effective scrub. Kitchen surfaces such as counters and chopping boards can be cleaned with the lemon-salt mixture. Both stains and smells are successfully removed with this natural scrub.

Brass and Copper Cleaner: Rub tarnished metal or copper objects with the salted side of the lemon quarter, dipped in more salt. Together with the salt’s abrasive properties, the acid in lemons helps eliminate tarnish and bring back luster.

3. Odor Elimination in the Kitchen: Garbage Disposal Freshener: Drop a lemon quarter with salt down the garbage disposal. The grinding action helps distribute the refreshing scent while the salt acts as a natural abrasive, cleaning the disposal.

Refrigerator Deodorizer: Refrigerate a quarter of a salted lemon on a small dish. The salt helps regulate humidity, while the lemon absorbs bad smells.

4. Fabric Stain Treatment using Laundry Stain Remover: Rub the salted lemon quarter onto the stain before washing it if the stain is very difficult to remove from clothing or fabric.