M*A*S*H Actress And Mike Farrell’s Ex-Wife Dies At 84

Judy Farrell was an actress known to many people because of the part she played on M*A*S*H. Between 1976 and 1983, she was in eight episodes and played the role of Nurse Able.

In addition to that part, she also acted in other shows, including The Partridge Family, Get Smart, and Quincy M.E. In addition, she wrote 131 episodes of Port Charles.

Unfortunately, Farrell’s son, Michael, confirmed that his mother died on April 2, 2023. He said she had a stroke nine days before dying at the hospital. She was 84 years old.

After the stroke, she remained conscious, but she couldn’t speak. When her family was close by, she could squeeze their hands, letting them know that she cared for them.

Her husband also played on M*A*S*H along with her. He was Captain BJ Hunnicutt, played by Mike Farrell. They were married until 1983, when they got divorced, and then she married Joe Bratcher two years later.

Loretta Switt remembers her and said she was a beautiful woman, inside and out. She referred to her as being family and said they grew up together.

She is survived by her husband and two children, Michael and Erin.