Cow With Huge Belly Gives A Shocking Surprise Birth

You wouldn’t think that a typical cow in Northeast Texas would make the news but one particular bovine decided to break the odds and to capture our attention in the process.

What that cow did was more than anyone could’ve expected. She gave birth to four healthy calves, which is truly breaking the odds. They named the calves Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moo.

Three of the newborns are male and the other is female. The farmer, a 76-year-old Northeast Texas resident said they knew the cow was pregnant but they didn’t know this was going to happen. He said that it ‘blew our minds.’

There are about 20 cattle or so that live on the property, which is located outside of DeKalb. That area is in Texas, although it is near Oklahoma and Arkansas.

The granddaughter had the privilege of naming the four black calves, who according to the local veterinarian are very healthy. That vet also said that it is extremely rare for four healthy calves to be born to a single cow.

Just how far did this bovine go to break the odds? The veterinarian added that the odds of four healthy calves born to a single cow is about one in 11.2 million. Perhaps they should take her to Vegas?

Some people have questioned whether they all originated from the same cow, but the farmer knows his herd very well and knows that all four originated from the same bovine.

The farmer and his wife knew that something was happening when buzzards were heard overhead. By the time they arrived, she was already delivering the fourth calf.

Since the mother is not able to feed all four of the calves at the same time, they are being split up temporarily so they can feed.

Maybe they can try for five calves the next time LOL!