150-yr-old schoolhouse is turned into cozy home that leaves you in awe when you step inside

It’s true that no two homes are alike.

However, some take their uniqueness to a whole other level – just like the one in the story below.

The Kingsley School House is a gem from the 1800s that’s been lovingly turned into an Airbnb.

Tucked away near Kings Island in Landen, Ohio, this beauty, crafted in 1879, now serves as a cozy retreat where history meets modern luxury.


Levi Kelly traveled to the old schoolhouse to give everyone a tour inside.

Walking in, it’s clear this isn’t your average home.

The echoes of the past, once filled with the hustle and bustle of school life, have been transformed into a serene sanctuary.

This spot, with its four bedrooms and two baths, is the perfect base for up to 12 guests looking for a relaxing, unique experience.

The decor? It’s like stepping into a magazine.

Imagine a space where the elegance of yesteryear and today’s chic vibes collide.

The living room is a showcase of the home’s original charm, with exposed brick and wooden beams that tell tales of the old days, all while modern furnishings add a splash of the present.

If this house could speak, just think of all the stories it could tell.

At the heart of it all is a fireplace that could share memories of its own.

It’s wrapped in rustic brick and standing proudly in the living area.

It’s more than just a warm spot – it’s where memories are made.

Nearby, a dining room awaits, its large table set by windows that invite the sunshine in, making every meal a little brighter.


Then there’s the kitchen, a sleek, minimalist dream.

It’s got everything you need, from a waterfall countertop to shiny Café appliances with those fancy gold handles.

And yet, it feels open, airy, thanks to the smart use of wood cabinetry and shelves that keep clutter at bay while keeping everything within reach.


Levi’s thrown in a sweet surprise – his own Cabin Lore Coffee.

It’s a small touch that adds a big dose of warmth to your stay, and just the smell of it is absolutely divine.

Wouldn’t be amazing to sip a cup of coffee while enjoying a beautiful place like this?

Downstairs, the main bedroom is a haven of tranquility and style.

With a king-sized bed, boho chic decor, and windows that bathe the room in light, it’s a space that soothes the soul.

The attached bathroom echoes the bedroom’s elegance, with a spacious setup that includes dual sinks and a combo of shower and tub.


Venture up the spiral staircase to the loft, and you’ll find more than just extra beds and a bath.

This area, designed with privacy and relaxation in mind, cleverly allows sunlight to fill the space, thanks to a unique window design that honors the home’s original architecture.

But still, isn’t it wild that this gorgeous place used to be a school?


Watch the video below to get a full tour of this beautifully unique home and rental property!

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