Simply position it in the kitchen, and all flies, mosquitoes, and other insects will vanish – Only polite members express gratitude – Full recipe in the initial comment

Cloves and lemon or lime work well together to repel insects if you’re searching for a natural and sustainable solution. This method works especially well against mosquitoes since they are repulsed by the powerful aroma of cloves and citrus. How to Make Your Own Insect Repellent from Lemon and Lime with Cloves:

Ingredients: 1 lemon / 1 lime / A handful of cloves.
Instructions: Slice the Lemon and Lime: Begin by cutting the lemon and lime into halves or thick slices. Place Cloves: Using your fingers, press entire cloves into the slits in the lemon and lime slices. For best results, make sure the cloves are spaced equally.To use, arrange the chopped lemon and lime slices in a bowl or on a plate in the insect-repelling zones. As an alternative, you might hang them in a mesh bag or breathable cloth. Strategic Placement: Arrange these slices of citrus in indoor and outdoor spaces where you frequently spend time and observe insect activity. Pests are discouraged by the natural oils and fragrances of the lemon, lime, and cloves.

Frequent Replacement: To maintain the repellent’s effectiveness, remember to swap out the slices every few days because this approach makes use of fresh, perishable ingredients.

This all-natural insect repellent not only keeps bugs at bay but also fills your space with a light, pleasant scent. Unlike traditional insect repellents, this solution is chemical-free, making it safer to use near kids and animals. Additionally, the rustic charm and vivid citrus tones of this method offer a little visual appeal.