I mixed salt, pepper, and lemon. This mix solves over 7 health problems

Since ancient times, people have used natural remedies to soothe and treat health problems. It’s amazing that many of these miraculous ingredients can still be found in our kitchens today and are successfully used to cure certain diseases.

Lemon juice and the fruit’s peel contain antioxidants that help treat congestion. Salt is very good for reducing inflammation and the pain it causes. As for pepper, both black pepper and chili pepper, they contain antioxidants and flavonoids that are good for the immune system.

Sore Throat

A mixture of warm lemon juice, salt, and red pepper soothes the throat pain and reduces the discomfort period caused by it. Lemon juice is a weak acid that helps to fluidize, in the case of productive cough.

It is also a natural antiseptic and contains vitamin C. Salt retains water from tissues, offering some reduction of inflammation, while chili pepper contains capsaicin, which can act as a mild analgesic.


The strong and pungent smell of lemon is capable of relieving the feeling of nausea and encourages the construction of gastric tissues, moving the cause of the problem into the digestive tract.

Cayenne pepper also helps stimulate gastric secretion, and a small amount of salt dissolved in a cup of water can pull toxins from tissues, which may be the cause of the feeling of nausea. However, do not drink too much salt water, as it can cause other health problems.

Nasal Congestion

Saltwater is useful for opening the sinuses. Warm water with dissolved salt can open the sinus tissues and rid you of mucus when the vapors are inhaled. The smell of lemon can open blocked sinuses, but be careful not to put lemon juice drops in your nose.

Moreover, finely chopped chili pepper, held at some distance from the face, can help to fluidize in the case of a stuffed nose.


Lemon juice is used by many people who have asthma, for the surplus of vitamin C. This vitamin stimulates the immune system and might make you less sensitive to the factors that cause asthma attacks. Black pepper and cayenne pepper contain antioxidants that strengthen the immune system. Don’t forget to find a good place for them in your dishes.


Some people use a mixture of salt paste and chili pepper to get rid of toothaches. The salt will extract any fluids from the inflamed gums, and the pepper helps to relieve the pain.

The grated peel from a small lemon can contribute to strengthening the gums and comes with the supply of vitamin C, which helps the body fight infection. Just be careful with how much lemon juice you drink, as it is an acid that can destroy tooth enamel.