Goodbye Dental Implants! Teeth That Grow in Just 9 Weeks. The Discovery of the CENTURY

Every tooth extracted at the dentist leaves its mark both on the health of the body and on the physical appearance.

Fortunately, however, the progress made in dental medicine in recent years allows for the most advanced solutions,

with dental implants and dentures being more durable and aesthetic. But recently, a truly revolutionary procedure has come into use, which allows for the complete regeneration of fallen teeth!

According to a cutting-edge study conducted by the famous dentist Jeremy Mao from Columbia University, teeth can now be completely regenerated through the use of stem cells taken from the patient, according to

This modern technology offers the possibility of having new teeth in just nine weeks. This term of nine weeks is the necessary time for this growth process.

Dr. Mao said, “The missing tooth is replaced with stem cells from one’s own body. And the tooth integrates with the surrounding tissue. Yes, it’s simple! This will enhance the regeneration process and lead to a rapid recovery.”

Thus, the immense importance of these dental autoregeneration procedures is evident. They are less invasive, involve much lower risks, and are completely painless.

This cutting-edge technology based on the natural regeneration of the tooth around an orthodontic scaffold allows for the complete growth of dental tissue within only nine weeks. And stem cells are the key ingredient in autoregeneration procedures.

Note: This procedure is not yet available to all people worldwide. It is still under research and approval by medical authorities. writes b1