Say ‘goodbye to obesity’! Just one teaspoon a day helps you lose three times more weight.

The obesity killer! Just one tablespoon a day helps you lose 15 kilograms a month!

The best method to lose weight is to speed up your metabolism. There are certain foods that do this naturally. Scientists at the Iran University of Medical Sciences conducted a study. They formed two groups of 44 overweight women each.

For three months, women in both groups consumed less than 500 calories per day, only from healthy foods. What did those who lost 7 kilograms eat?

Scientists at the Iran University of Medical Sciences conducted a study. They formed two groups of 44 overweight women each.

For three months, women in both groups consumed less than 500 calories per day, only from healthy foods.

The first group consumed 3 grams of cumin powder per day, mixed with 140g of yogurt. The other group received only plain yogurt. After three months, the group that had consumed cumin lost 7 kilograms more than the group that had consumed plain yogurt.

What happens if you drink cumin tea every day?

Cumin is known since antiquity when it was used both as a spice for cheeses, meat dishes, and as a medicinal plant. Among the main benefits of cumin are improving the digestive system and strengthening the immune system.

Cumin (Carum carvi) is part of the Apiaceae family, which also includes the carrot. It is a plant that grows in hilly and mountainous areas, both spontaneously and in cultivated fields, bearing fruit only in the second year. Originating from the Orient, it prefers clayey, dry soils exposed to the sun. The plant has an appearance similar to dill, with finely branched leaves that grow on 20-30 cm stems, as mentioned on The fruits (incorrectly called seeds) are small achenes about 5 mm long, brown, oval, elongated, slightly curved, with a characteristic, pungent, aromatic taste and smell. Harvesting is done in May-June, just before the fruits reach maturity.

In Romania, cumin is one of the few spices that grow spontaneously, in its various varieties, found in meadows and pastures in hilly, mountain, and subalpine areas. Although omnipresent in these places, there is a major impediment for collectors: it grows very sparsely, and its fruits, which are the main part used in therapy, are much smaller than those of cultivated cumin and shake off as they ripen.

For medicinal purposes, the fruits of this plant are mainly used, in the form of infusion, decoction, powder, or tincture.

Cumin is a highly appreciated aromatic spice in culinary art. It is sprinkled on bread, as well as on some hard cheeses, to which it imparts a delicious fragrance. Seasoning fatty foods with cumin also stimulates the production of digestive fluids, thus making the foods much easier to digest. It’s used in preparing numerous types of liqueur.

Recent studies reflect cumin’s efficacy in conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and unpleasant breath odor. According to recent research, cumin fruits may also have anti-cancer properties.

Cumin, rich in volatile oil, fatty oil, and proteins, is indicated for fluidifying bronchial secretions. Cumin tea is also effective against colds. Moreover, phytotherapy with cumin is indicated in cases of bronchial asthma and headaches.

Cumin infusion is a good digestive stimulant for lack of appetite or soothing colic in babies. It has strong anti-inflammatory intestinal effects, helping to balance the intestinal flora. It stimulates the production of gastric juice, calms and relaxes the intestines, according to

There are several studies that support that 1 liter of cumin tea consumed every day for a period of 4 weeks can lower the level of bad cholesterol.

Cumin infusion is also indicated for ocular washes, and cumin leaf poultices are effective in cases of skin swellings. The Egyptians were the first to assimilate it as a medicine, according to

Researchers and scientists have discovered, following a study, that cumin tea has the amazing property of intensifying the body’s ability to burn body fats by up to 25%, which is why it is indicated in weight loss treatments.

Psychic asthenia and lack of concentration are eliminated with the help of cumin tincture. The volatile oil contained in cumin fruits has a tonic effect, promoting cerebral circulation and reinstating a state of optimism and mental strength, according to

Cumin is a remedy for those who suffer from excessive bloating. Recently, it has been proven that, in addition to its antispasmodic effect, which combats “gas”, it has a stimulating effect on pancreatic enzymes, which helps in the assimilation of indigestible foods, say doctors. In addition