Onion macerate in wine is extremely effective in cleaning clogged arteries and veins from the first use – Find out how it is prepared

It is extremely important to clean the arteries and vessels, especially after a certain age. Among the main causes of aging are lifestyle and unbalanced diets. The age of a person depends on the health of the arteries. Foods rich in fats and refined white sugar can contribute to the clogging and blockage of artery walls.

This will restrict blood circulation, leading to increased blood pressure. Below is a recipe that naturally restores blood pressure, cleanses the vascular system, and eliminates atherosclerosis.

Onion macerate in white wine: Ingredients:

150 ml of honey 1 liter of natural white wine 4-5 red onions 250 g of parsley root 2 bunches of parsley leaves Preparation:

After being washed, the red onions are finely chopped and added to a glass container, pouring natural white wine over them. The parsley root is boiled separately after being washed, cleaned, and chopped, adding the chopped parsley leaves. It is boiled until the liquid is reduced by 30-50%.

After it has cooled, it is strained. The onion macerate in white wine is mixed with the strained liquid, adding 150 ml of honey. The airtight container is closed and left to macerate for 7 days. It is shaken periodically, and after a week, the preparation is strained.

Administration: Consume 3 times a day, one tablespoon of macerate, 30 minutes before meals. Consume until the entire quantity is finished.

Alkalize your food: You should alkalize your food with fruits, vegetables, clay, to clean the arteries and veins. It is recommended to consume plenty of liquids, fresh juices, herbal teas, vegetable water, spring water. As a result, the deposits on the vessels will detach, the blood will thin, and the vessel walls will become more elastic