What does it mean if your second toe is longer than your first toe

Toes can indicate our ancestors as well as certain personality traits.

How do you find out what ancestral heritage you have? Simple! Look at your toes.

If the first three toes (starting from the big toe) are the same length, it means you have a Roman foot. Your ancestors were Latins.

The Roman foot is the most common type of foot, also known as the traveler’s foot. People with such feet are sociable, extroverted, and love to travel. They are reliable individuals who will support you regardless of the situation. Balance and a desire for exploration are common traits of people with such feet.

If you can draw a perfectly straight imaginary descending line from the big toe, you have an Egyptian foot. Your ancestors come from the land of the pyramids.

People with Egyptian feet are impulsive, mysterious, hard to control, and hard to please. Ambition and perseverance are qualities of people with Egyptian feet.

If the second toe, next to the big toe, is visibly longer than the others, it means you have a Greek foot. Your ancestors are Hellenes.

The Greek foot, also called the flame foot or the athlete’s foot, indicates a desire to lead, to control. Strong, creative, and dynamic people have this toe.