I drank parsley tea – I started on Thursday, I had 67 kg, and by Sunday I reached 63 kg

If an unexpected event is coming up soon in your life and you want to fit into a dress that currently doesn’t fit very well, and you need to lose about five kilograms in a short time, this material is for you.

You should know that parsley has several times more vitamin C than citrus fruits, which are considered true sources of this vitamin.

Also, this spice from the family of lovage and celery has healing qualities and powers and can successfully replace many medications. The best thing is that it has no adverse effects.

If you want to start a parsley-based diet, you should use as many types of salad as possible. We will now present two options that are very easy to make, delicious, and can be eaten anytime, at any hour.

Take six bunches of parsley, and the same number of mint bunches, preferably as fresh as possible. Chop them as finely as possible, add a spoonful of crushed wheat that you boiled at least thirty minutes before, a large tomato cut into cubes, and finally add the juice of half a lemon.

The salad is ready and you can eat it as many times as you want. For breakfast, drink black coffee and eat any fruit you like. For lunch, you can opt for chicken, and again a fruit. For the last main meal of the day, choose an egg and a fruit, but also vegetables.

Another variant where parsley will be the main star is a tea that is prepared as follows: you need thirty grams of parsley and a liter of water. Boil the water, add the parsley and wait for it to infuse for about ten minutes.

Strain the infusion and drink this tea warm or cold before each main meal for two weeks.

Also, parsley can help you treat other diseases. For example, if you see that your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, you can gently rub them with parsley leaves for about seven days.

You will have much lower cholesterol if you choose to regularly consume parsley salad. You can use the above recipe or any other that you like.

In case you had a difficult night with a lot of alcohol, you can eat a few sprigs of parsley the next day to keep your liver and nervous system safe.

The only restriction in consuming parsley is for pregnant women