Do you know what the half-moon on your nails means? It’s much more important than you thought.

The half-moon at the base of the nail is an important part of its structure.

It is said that many internal organ diseases can be identified based on the size of this white spot.

Its absence on the thumbnail may indicate the existence of mental illnesses.

The absence or lack of it on the index finger reflects the presence of liver, intestine, pancreas, or female genital system diseases.

The absence of it on the middle finger indicates problems related to blood pressure.

The absence of it on the ring finger means a disturbance in the processes within the endocrine system.

The absence of it on the little finger means that you should check if the deposits on the intestine do not exceed the permissible limit.


A woman noticed some strange lines on her nails. Who would have thought this would save her life! The color of the nails can signal the presence of certain conditions.

For example, Chinese medicine maintains that there is a close connection between the liver and nails.

We present 10 signs that might urge you to see a doctor immediately.

How diseases can be detected by nails

  1. Discolored Nails

A yellow nail may indicate that you have a nutrient deficiency, but they can also yellow if you excessively use nail polish.

A white nail indicates an iron deficiency, while a brown nail suggests thyroid diseases.

A grey nail signifies lung or heart problems.

  1. Fragile Nails

A sign that you have thyroid gland problems could be that your nails flake and break very easily. Also, with age, nails can become fragile due to detergents acting on them.

  1. Thickened Nails

Nails thicken when you suffer from diabetes, arthritis, or lung diseases.

If you have thickened, yellow nails that grow slowly, it means you suffer from eczema or psoriasis.

  1. Spoon-shaped Nails

If you have concave nails, you might have an iron deficiency in your blood.

  1. Spots on Nails

If you have white spots on your nails, you don’t need to worry.

This suggests that you are too stressed or that there is an imbalance of nutrients.

These spots come and go over time.

  1. Horizontal Lines or Beau’s Lines

These can occur due to chemotherapy or traumas and injuries.

  1. Hippocratic Fingers

If your nails bulge, it means you might suffer from lung, liver, or heart problems.

Soft nails can indicate you suffer from hippocratism.

  1. White Lines on Nails

This type of nail indicates that you have a protein deficiency due to stress or liver problems.

Usually, these lines are on the thumb, middle, and index fingers.

  1. Dark Vertical Lines

If you have such nails, they can be a sign of subungual melanoma, but generally, it affects only one nail.

  1. Red Lines or Large Under Nails

When blood vessels deteriorate, bleeding under the nails occurs.

In some cases, these lines can suggest that you suffer from psoriasis or arthritis.

Nails can be very important in signaling certain diseases, so you should pay much attention to them.

Eat fatty fish, seafood, nuts, and carrots to maintain nail health