Join your ring finger with your thumb and wait a few seconds, and you will feel this.

This strange technique is practiced by many people around the world. The reason is incredible. It seems that this special technique of joining the ring finger with the thumb transports you into a state of perfect relaxation and peace.

Did you know that you can achieve harmony and total peace just by using your hands? The position of the hands or ‘mudras’ is a very common practice in yoga and is recognized as a practice that ‘brings happiness’.

The explanation for this strange technique is that the fingertips contain many nerves and, once pressed in a certain way, help us connect our internal channels and aid the flow of energy throughout the body. The great thing about this exercise is that it can be done anywhere and at any time of the day. You just need a few minutes to reach a state of total relaxation.

  1. GYAN Mudra – for knowledge and healing. How to do it: Sit in lotus position and place your hands on your knees, then touch the thumb with the index finger. Feel free to keep your other fingers loose or tight, as you wish.

Benefits: Heals insomnia / Helps maintain brain cell health / Regular practice of this exercise frees you from depression and anxiety.

  1. VAYU Mudra – air mudra. How to do it: Bring your index finger into your palm and hold it there with your thumb. Stretch the others as much as you can. Benefits: This yoga mudra helps eliminate gas from the body / Reduces problems related to flatulence, constipation, etc.
  2. PRITHVI Mudra – earth mudra. How to do it: First, touch the tip of your index finger with your thumb and keep them as stretched as possible. Benefits: This mudra balances the earth sign in your body / Helps maintain a normal weight, improves circulation, digestion, and problems associated with vitamin deficiency.
  3. AGNI Mudra – fire mudra. How to do it: This mudra is related to the fire element in your body. Bring your ring finger to the middle of your palm and hold it pressed with your thumb. For best results, do this exercise in the morning, on an empty stomach, especially if you suffer from gastric acidity. Benefits: Reduces cholesterol and fat levels in the body, stimulates metabolism and the immune system.
  4. JAL Mudra – water mudra. How to do it: It’s a very simple method used in yoga: Just touch the little finger and the thumb, without applying pressure. Benefits: Improves blood circulation, Reduces the sensation of dry mouth.