Put 7 bay leaves and 7 cloves of garlic in a bottle, then hide it in the house and see what happens within a week at most

Put 7 bay leaves and 7 cloves of garlic in a bottle, then hide it in your house. See what happens in a week at most! Nobody would have expected this!

What can you do with garlic and bay leaves?

One idea would be to cook, but you can also implement a trick that will fill your house with positive energies and drive away the negative states of those living in it. This trick is even practiced in Western countries to refresh the energies of the living space, and the reported effects have been truly amazing.

How do you know if you have negative energies in your house?

We all experience depressive states, anxieties, or feel like nothing goes as planned. However, if this situation persists over a long period and especially happens when we are at home, in the intimacy of our own dwelling, there is a possibility that the living space is charged with negative energies.

Believing in negative energies is no longer a sign of ignorance and primitivism. On the contrary, even doctors and researchers support that energies are a part of us and our lives. We are even advised by doctors to maintain our optimism and positive thinking, as positive energy helps our brain and body to fight various diseases.

Therefore, a house charged with energy will reflect on the mood of the owner and those living in it. When you get home after a busy day, the comfort of your own home should relieve your stress, calm you down, make you forget the worries of the day and what follows the next day. If this doesn’t happen, on the contrary, if the state of anxiety intensifies, it is possible that an energy that affects you in the long term gravitates in your house. And because you don’t want that, we present a cheap, handy solution that really works! It costs nothing to try it. Find out how to proceed in the lines below.

You probably already have the ingredients at home. If not, they are easy for anyone to obtain. Here’s what you need:

  • 7 bay leaves
  • 7 cloves of garlic
  • a transparent bottle with a stopper
  • 1 liter of mineral water (non-carbonated)

Add the 7 whole bay leaves and the 7 cloves of garlic to the bottle, then fill it with a liter of water. Put the stopper on and hide the bottle in the place where you feel the most intense energies emanate. It could be the kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Generally, it applies to the place where you spend most of your time during the day.

The beneficial effects of this trick are felt in just 7 days!