This poison destroys your bones, but you drink it every day! You surely didn’t know this!

It’s very hard to break bad habits and so easy to give up good ones. You consume this poison every day, without knowing how much harm it does to you.

Many people are unaware of the negative effects that drinking soda has on health. According to researchers, soda is poison in a glass and affects the body. Here’s what happens in your body when you drink it.

In the first 10 minutes – A can contains 10 teaspoons of sugar, which is 100% of the daily dose. Phosphorus, responsible for flavor, enters the system.

After 20 minutes – Blood glucose levels rise and insulin levels increase. The liver turns sugar into fat.

After 40 minutes – The caffeine in the soda is completely absorbed. Blood flow increases and the liver releases more sugar into the bloodstream. Your brain blocks the hormonal receptors for adenosine, which prevents fatigue.

After 45 minutes – Dopamine secretion increases, inducing a state similar to that caused by heroin.

After 50 minutes – Magnesium phosphate, phosphoric acid, zinc, and calcium speed up digestion. Calcium excretion in urine is limited.

After 60 minutes – All the minerals that should reach the bones, including magnesium, calcium, and zinc, are excreted in urine.

After one hour – You feel full of energy and start to experience mood swings.

The consumption of carbonated drinks leads to long-term bone destruction.