What is the truth about the curse of the walnut tree and what is said about the person who plants a walnut tree in their yard

Various myths and superstitions circulate about this imposing tree. Certainly, there is a grain of truth in some of them.

However, beyond all these, the leaves and fruits of the walnut tree are used in the food industry or in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries because they have recognized benefits for the body. And the wood is highly sought after by collectors of unique furniture pieces.

Regarding the ‘curse of the walnut tree’, in popular tradition, planting this tree takes place in the yard of a homeowner who wishes to mark an important event, such as the birth of a newborn.

However, there are numerous superstitions saying that it is not good to plant walnut trees, as when the thickness of the trunk reaches the neck size of the person who planted it, that person will die.

Also, on Pentecost, country women take walnut leaves to church to be blessed. Then they are placed under the eaves of houses, with the purpose of protecting the family from troubles.

The most well-known myth about the walnut tree is that it is not good to sleep under the shade of such a tree, due to the high iodine content in the leaves.

Of course, these are just myths, nothing scientifically proven. A real health hazard can only arise when we do not store walnuts properly, as they can be infested with aflatoxin, a mold that can even lead to the development of some forms of cancer.