The little Strings of bananas and what is their role. You would be surprised, but they are very important!

The threads of bananas and their role. These fruits are an important source of potassium. They are a suitable snack that you can grab on the go. The only annoying thing are the threads that you throw away every time.

You might have noticed that bananas have both thicker and thinner threads. Americans call them ‘phloem bundles’. They don’t look appetizing, but experts assert that they are very important.

According to academic Nicholas D. Gillitt, without these threads, we would no longer be able to eat bananas. Phloem is one of the two types of transport tissues found in fruits.

Their role is to transport nutrients and other substances throughout the fruit.

In bananas, the phloem is what carries these substances along the length of the fruit. Thanks to it, the banana grows long and full everywhere. These threads are perfectly edible and very rich in nutrients.

According to, banana threads contain more fiber than the fruit itself. The academician suggests that we could genetically modify the fruit so that the threads no longer appear.

But he does not see the point since they are so healthy. So, don’t throw them away and consume them whenever you eat a banana!