3-day regimen – Cleanses the liver, eliminates water from tissues, and burns unwanted fat. You can find how to follow it in the first comment.

The 3-day detox that cleanses your liver, eliminates water from tissues, and dissolves fat: lemon juice, grapefruit juice, and bananas detoxify your entire body. This 3-day diet purifies your body and helps you lose weight naturally.

One of the most important processes for perfect health is the elimination of toxins from the body. Also, this process can make you feel better. For example, you should occasionally cleanse your lungs if you are a smoker. We are exposed to toxins every day, and it is extremely important to use your full lung capacity and keep them clean.

This article will present a treatment that lasts 3 days and cleanses your colon, liver, and lungs. You should not consume dairy products 2 days before starting the detox, as the body needs to eliminate toxins from these products. Also, you should drink a cup of herbal tea before bedtime one day before starting the treatment.

This helps eliminate all toxins from the intestines. The most important thing is not to stress your lungs with intense physical exercise during the treatment. How to follow the 3-day detox? On the first day, drink 300 ml of water mixed with a little lemon juice before breakfast and then drink 300 ml of grapefruit juice. If the taste is too strong for you, drink the same amount of pineapple juice. Both juices contain a large amount of cancer-preventing agents and can improve your respiratory system’s capacity.

Next, drink 300 ml of fresh carrot juice during breakfast and lunch. This will alkalize your blood. During lunch, you should also drink 400 ml of a potassium-rich shake or a similar juice, which has a cleansing tonic effect, such as from bananas, pears, or even apricot juice.

In the last part of the treatment, you should drink 300 ml of blackcurrant juice before going to bed, as it will eliminate microbes from the lungs. You should have a relaxation ritual: take a 20-minute bath every day of the treatment, as this helps eliminate toxins from the body through sweat. You can also add 5-10 drops of eucalyptus oil to a bowl of hot water. Then, cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam. This opens your airways and eases the process of eliminating toxins.