The plant that helps you get rid of allergies and skin diseases:

It has the appearance of a rosette formed from numerous fleshy leaves.

In the center of this rosette grows a tall stem, up to 40 centimeters high, bearing beautiful star-shaped flowers in pink or red.

The fleshy and very succulent leaves are used in direct skin applications, for skin diseases, Shingles, or for hydrating dry or rough skin.

The plant, known as “Houseleek,” is harvested only in its fresh state, starting from March until mid-October.

The substances known to exist in the composition of this plant are astringent salts and malic acid.


The plant is anti-inflammatory, healing, antibiotic, astringent, diuretic, sedative, hemostatic, antispasmodic, and vermifuge.

It is mainly used in the form of fresh juice, extracted from the fleshy leaves, which are cut lengthwise, then placed on the edge of a deep plate to drain.

This juice is dabbed onto skin areas affected by eczema.

The same Houseleek juice is also used to treat other skin diseases: erysipelas, pigmentation, moles, lentigo, birthmarks or age spots, and can even eliminate freckles.

In Shingles, Houseleek juice is very good for calming severe nerve pain.

Crushed leaves can be applied to corns, areas affected by acne, insect bites, wounds, or burns.

Although recommended for its miraculous effects in skin diseases, Houseleek can also be taken internally with good results for kidney conditions, earaches, toothaches, nervous disorders, diarrhea, fever, hemorrhoids, or intestinal parasites.

As a decoction, it can be used for washes in skin or uterine cancer.