With just this ingredient, you can unclog any drain in just a few seconds.

When the kitchen drain is clogged, it’s really annoying. But before you start unscrewing it, you can try this secret trick of the plumbers. Plumbers know this trick and actually use it in practice.

All you need is dishwashing liquid. Dishwashing liquid dissolves grease and dirt and can also free up your drain. To do this, pour half a pack of dishwashing liquid down the drain.

Then let it soak for 10 minutes. Now close the plug and fill the entire sink with hot water. When it’s full, open the plug so that it starts to drain. When all the water has disappeared, you should run hot water again for a few minutes.

Now your drain should be very nice and clear and will drain very well again in the future. And all without needing to unscrew the drain.

So, if your drain also drains poorly, then definitely try this trick!