We show you how to make flies and cockroaches disappear from your house in less than 10 minutes

Flies and cockroaches at home? With this remedy, you’ll get rid of them in less than 10 minutes. Here we show you how to make them disappear: this system will save your life.

Flies and cockroaches, how to get rid of them?

Both in summer and winter, it’s likely that in our homes we might get visits from quite uncomfortable tenants: we are talking about flies and cockroaches.

Surely you too have found yourself buying super expensive products to do pest control yourself or, in some very serious cases, you might have had to resort to specialized people to disinfect and sanitize your home.

If these options have not solved the problem for you, you should know that with the technique we are going to present to you, these annoying insects will disappear from your home in less than 10 minutes.

Get ready to say goodbye to the flyswatter and the harmful chemical products purchased to get rid of cockroaches and flies. We are sure that this advice will save your life.

We know how annoying these insects can be, especially the cockroaches that sneak into our homes and reproduce quickly, to the point of creating real colonies.

Often they appear in the bathroom or in damp, dark, or more isolated rooms of the house. To avoid having to resort to professionals in the field, here is the system that will allow you to personally get rid of cockroaches and more. Ready to discover the secret?

The Infallible Method to Eliminate House Insects We know that you too have often found yourself fighting with flies and cockroaches that enter through windows or doors, scaring and bothering you quite a bit. Are you looking for a method to get rid of these disgusting tenants?

With the technique we are going to present to you, the music will change: in less than 10 minutes, you will have your house free of all kinds of insects. Ready to discover the secret? Then let’s begin. To make our recipe, we need two tablespoons of ground coffee that you will pour into a bowl or fairly large container.

Combine it with three cloves, which, with their penetrating aroma, will already tend to create a kind of barrier between your home and the insects. Cover the cloves with another three tablespoons of ground coffee and set aside our container for a moment.

At this point, get a candle that you will split in half so that you can release the wick we will need to make our insect repellent. What should you do now? Take a steel spoon, like the ones used in the kitchen, and with the bottom part create a groove in the bowl where you previously put the coffee and cloves.

Now, in the little hole created, insert the candle wick and cover the base with the coffee you have available. Then take more cloves and place them around the candle you will have created in less than 5 minutes!

Our remedy is ready! What is enough for you to do now? Simply light the wick and wait a few seconds: smoke will begin to come out of your candle with a particular smell that will keep insects such as flies and cockroaches away.

This is how in just a few minutes, you can make a natural product that will allow you to say goodbye to these annoying tenants. Considering how simple and above all how quick it is?

However, we also have another remedy for you that will surely come in handy in these situations. In addition to the coffee and clove candle technique, you can also use baking soda and sugar. Here we show you how to make this other recipe that is equally effective.

  1. “In this case, you will also need to get a bowl in which you will mix, in equal parts, baking soda and white sugar. Cockroaches, like flies, will be attracted to this sweet smell and taste and will end up ingesting the mixture, which is lethal to them.”
  2. “You can make the same recipe by also replacing the baking soda with borax, which is toxic to insects. Just be careful if you have children or pets because it could be dangerous if ingested.”
  3. “Did you know that even aromatic plants are capable of repelling flies and cockroaches? Especially mint, bay leaf, and garlic, which have properties capable of driving away these annoying and unpleasant insects.”

The last natural remedy we present is diatomaceous earth, which is used as a completely natural pesticide. It is obtained from the fossils of diatoms or single-celled algae. Get some of this powder and spread it around all the corners of the house.

It is capable of repelling insects and even physically eliminating them, as the keratin layer present in flies and cockroaches is altered, causing their death by dehydration.