My mother-in-law buys these dishwasher tablets even though she doesn’t have a dishwasher: thanks to her trick, I also bought a pack for the entire year!

This tip comes from a mother in Austria who discovered an ingenious cleaning method by combining two common products.

All you need is a white magic sponge (like Magic Eraser or the Magic Sponge found in any supermarket) and a dishwasher tablet.

Start by measuring the size of the tablet and carve a hole in the sponge so that the tablet fits perfectly inside.

Dampen the sponge with a little water and use it to wipe down the glass of the shower cabin or the shower curtain.

After that, rinse with warm water and, just like that, you’ll have a sparkling shower cabin!

It’s recommended to wear gloves to protect your hands during the cleaning process.

The same trick can also be applied to cleaning your stove and oven, and the result will be astonishing.

Let’s not underestimate the power of a dishwasher tablet!

This creative mother shared this tip in a Facebook group dedicated to mothers in Austria, and many of them decided to test it.

The result was remarkable for many people, proving this cleaning combination to be extremely effective.

In fact, another mother tried this method on her oven door and was pleasantly surprised by how easily she managed to clean it.

She used the same sponge with the dishwasher tablet for the stove as well.

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Thank you.