Throw walnuts with laurel leaves in the pot: what happens 5 minutes after boiling them

Put walnuts with bay leaves in a pot, after a few minutes you will have a surprising effect. This is what happens.

These are very popular and also essential to the diet since they contain many nutrients that develop energy and because of the Omega 3 contribution. Moreover, due to their resemblance, it seems they also benefit memory and the brain.

Walnuts: that’s why they should be boiled with bay leaves. Walnuts are products that many animals also have a sweet tooth for, just think of how in many animated films and some comics, there are cute little animals that tend to want to eat walnuts.

Moreover, their use is beneficial not only for food but also for other tasks. Many nursery growers tend to use the shell of this fruit to make plants grow lushly.

Walnuts: that’s why they are boiled with bay leaves. They are placed on the ground to keep mosquitoes away and to absorb moisture, but they are ground along with dried banana peel to act as a natural fertilizer. But there’s another secret that frees us from a problem many humans often experience, and for that, we need to create a mix with dried fruits and other ingredients, including bay leaves.

The natural method Initially, we take a pot with water and let it boil with the walnuts inside for a few minutes, then add some bay leaves and a bit of cinnamon.

When everything starts to boil, insert a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and continue boiling the mixture for a few more minutes, then turn off the stove and let it cool.

Once the liquid has reached room temperature, with the help of a strainer, it is poured into a glass jar and left to rest for a few days before being used.

Walnuts: that’s why they are boiled with bay leaves. Once this is done, we are going to take the liquid and spray it over our head and this will help us to overcome hair loss and baldness as the properties of these ingredients tend to strengthen the skin. This happens because walnuts are rich in vitamin B5, which among its beneficial properties has the ability to grow hair quickly by slowing the appearance of gray hair and are also rich in selenium.

This element is fundamental for those who suffer from dandruff, as it prevents and tends to reduce it, while bay leaf tends to strengthen the scalp and the hair root and stimulate growth.

Cinnamon, on the other hand, acts as a vasodilator and therefore tends to promote blood pressure, just like apple cider vinegar which cleanses the hair follicles acting as an antiseptic and disinfectant.

In this way, we will have had a completely natural and effective hair treatment.