A doctor showed me how to remove the ring that got stuck on my finger.

It’s most likely the result of swelling in your finger if your ring is trapped on it. It’s also possible that the ring is just too tiny. This is unpleasant in addition to being annoying.

If your finger isn’t broken, you should be able to take the ring off by yourself with a little perseverance and some household items.

You could have to have it amputated when you are unable to. You might even need to seek medical assistance in certain situations.This article covers when to seek medical attention as well as how to remove a ring that has been lodged on your finger.

How to Take Off Your Ring

You can attempt to remove the ring on your own if your finger is okay but it’s just stuck.

The R.I.C.E. approach is used in some of the following tips to reduce swelling. The acronym R.I.C.E. denotes elevation, compression, rest, and ice. Some people use simple home items to assist in removing the ring from your finger.

Whichever method you decide on, slowly twist the ring off of your finger. Using force when pulling it could result in more swelling and even damage.

Lift Your Hand

By raising the hand that is wearing the ring, you can encourage blood to leave the tissues and lessen the accumulation of fluid. This could help reduce the swelling to the point where the ring slides off.

For five to ten minutes, raise your hand so that it is level with your heart.

Apply Ice

For no more than fifteen minutes, submerge your finger in ice water or place an ice pack over it. While chilling your finger, try to keep your hand raised.

Try progressively twisting your finger off after 15 minutes by gently compressing it above the ring, closer to the knuckle. Wait fifteen minutes and try again by going through the same steps if it doesn’t move.

Swelling can be lessened by reducing blood flow due to the cold from the ice. Yet, a lengthier application period is not preferable. If you apply ice to your skin for longer than is advised, it may result in frostbite. Remove the ice as soon as possible if the cold causes you any pain or numbness.2.

Lubricate Your Finger

Applying oil or lotion could facilitate the ring’s removal. Try putting some petroleum jelly, butter, coconut oil, hand lotion, baby oil, or vegetable oil on your finger and focusing it on the ring.

Once the region has been covered, try carefully twisting the ring off.

Tie a String Into a Wrap

Cut a lengthy length of string, ribbon, or dental floss. A few inches should remain tucked beneath the side facing your wrist when you thread it beneath your ring.

The part of the length that faces your fingernail should be the majority of its remaining length. Below the ring, securely wrap that end of the string around your finger. Once you get to the joint nearest your fingernail, continue wrapping it around and leave it hanging.

Gently pull and unwind the string toward your fingernail, holding the end tucked under the ring. As you do, the ring ought to fall off gradually.3.

Take the Ring Off

This might be the last resort you need to use if none of the other suggestions work.

Ring cutting equipment is available at fire stations, emergency hospitals, ambulances, and some jewelry stores. Never try to do this by yourself.

When to Seek Medical Assistance

See a medical expert if you are unable to remove the ring.

In the event that the damaged finger is swollen, hurting, becoming blue or purple, or losing feeling altogether, do not attempt to remove the ring.

In certain situations, the ring can be preventing the blood flow by functioning as a tourniquet. If medical attention is delayed, this could result in irreversible harm to the finger.
In brief

Try applying ice and lifting your hand over your head to help remove a stuck ring. Another option would be to apply lubrication to facilitate the ring’s removal.

You can alternatively slowly remove the ring by sliding a string beneath it, encircling your finger with the bottom end, and unraveling it from the top down.

If you think you can’t get the ring off after trying several times, or if your finger is hurt, get medical attention.

A Remark From Verywell

Avoid trying to squeeze into your ring once more after you’ve taken it off. To have it resized, check with a jewelry retailer. If the ring is a favorite and cannot be resized, you could want to wear it as a necklace rather than on your finger.