After using this trick with the help of baking soda, I haven’t seen a single ant

Are there ants in your flat or at home? Everyone has experienced ant infestations! So what should you do if ants overrun your house? Here’s a simple yet quite powerful remedy to get rid of them naturally.


  • baking powder.
  • sugar icing.
  • a dish.

One or more stoppers for bottles.

Getting Ready

In a bowl, combine equal parts icing sugar and baking soda.

Fill a bottle cap or many with the mixture, depending for your needs.

Install the plugs close to the insect’s nest (you may also place them at the house’s entrances).

You can successfully eradicate ants and their unwelcome intrusion in this way.

The method works because these insects are actually unable to tell the difference between icing sugar and baking soda, which is poisonous to them.