Use the pan lid! The sofa will be as good as new

Three simple household items—which you most likely already have—are all you’ll need for a HACK that keeps your sofa looking brand new and leaves your guests in awe.

All you need for this incredibly simple and inexpensive hack are a microfiber cloth, a dishwasher tablet, and a saucepan lid.

mother of two Alicia People are shocked by the hack’s outcomes, which Jo Vaughan revealed on her TikTok account.

To clean a microfiber cloth, just dissolve a dishwasher tablet in some hot water and soak it in the solution.

Next, wrap this around a pot lid and brush it around your sofa or any other piece of furniture that could require cleaning.

To assist hold the cloth in place, tie a hairband around the handle of the pot lid.

When it comes to cleaning up stains left by her young children pouring “water, milk, and juice,” the 28-year-old says the hack is a lifesaver.

Millions of TikTok viewers were shocked by the outcomes as the hack keeps accumulating views.

Someone said, “I swear by this and I have a toddler!” It does truly become CLEAN—not just cleaner.”

As one person put it, “I tried it on my sofa, game changer, I swear it was clean all, stains gone.” Another agreed.

“I just did it and this will definitely be a ritual now for dog smells,” another person commented.

Content creator @ajvaughan uploaded the TikTok and gave @Aesthetically in Home credit for the breach.

Additional couch cleaning tips, such as using laundry tabs, bicarbonate of soda, stove cleanser, and even shaving cream, were also given in the comment area.

Make sure cleaning goods are safe to use in this manner by checking their components before handling them without wearing gloves.

Another advice from a woman could help you save a lot of money and time when cleaning your oven rack.

Grease and dirt are effectively removed with this procedure that only requires a few common home objects.

The expert, known to her 1.5 million TikTok fans as Babs, began by setting her racks in her bathtub on top of an old towel before adding hot water to ensure the racks were well submerged.

Babs then covered the racks with multiple dryer sheets after adding a half-cup of Dawn dish soap.

At last, she instructed to soak the racks for a few ovens or overnight.