Apply Vaseline to your stove and see what happens.

HouseVaseline Is an Astonishing Fix for Uncooperative Stove Grease

Vaseline Is an Astonishing Fix for Uncooperative Stove Grease

The Vaseline Effect:

Petroleum jelly, sometimes referred to as vaseline, is used for much more than just hydrating dry skin. Its amazing capacity to remove oil and dirt from a variety of surfaces, including stovetops, is one of its lesser-known advantages. Let’s first examine the reasons behind Vaseline’s remarkable efficacy before delving into the specifics of this method.

Because it contains lubricants and emollients, vaseline is a great option for removing and lifting tough grease stains. It makes the residue softer and easier to remove with a cloth. Furthermore, Vaseline forms a barrier that keeps oil and filth from accumulating in the future, simplifying your cleaning schedule.

How to Use Vaseline to Clean Your Stove:

Vaseline is an easy way to clean your stove that produces great results. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to accomplish it:

Supplies Required:

  • Petroleum jelly, or Vaseline
  • Microfiber linen
  • Wool made of steel (quad zero)
  • Gloves (preferred but not required)


1. If you’d like, put on gloves, especially if your skin is sensitive.

2. Dab a microfiber cloth with a tiny bit of Vaseline. Recall that little is often enough.

3. Scrub the surface of your stove with the cloth dipped in Vaseline. Vaseline will work wonders to lift and soften grease marks.

4. Use steel wool (quad zero) for stains or blemishes that are very difficult to remove. To get rid of the residue, use the steel wool to gently scrub the affected region. Take care not to push too hard so as not to scratch the surface.

5. Use a fresh microfiber cloth to remove any last bits of grease and Vaseline. The surface will start to get bright and clean.

6. If necessary, repeat this procedure, being extra careful with older or deeply embedded stains.

The Protective Vaseline coating: The protective coating that Vaseline leaves behind on your stove is one of its biggest benefits. This layer makes your routine cleaning activities much easier to handle by acting as a barrier against future grease and dirt buildup.

In conclusion, while using Vaseline to clean your stove may seem strange, it’s a useful and efficient way to get rid of greasy buildup and give a layer of protection to keep your stove looking its best. This method can help bring back the shine and ease the cleaning process on any stove, gas or electric. So why not give this tried-and-true cleaning tip a go and enjoy a kitchen stove that is grease-free and shiny?