With just a glass of salt, you solve all the problems you have in the house.

A common cooking ingredient, salt also works surprisingly well as a cleaner for our bathrooms, especially the toilets. Who knew that the secret to keeping a brilliantly white toilet could be as simple as 100 grams of this ordinary ingredient?

The Difficulty of a Sparkling Toilet:

We all want our bathrooms to be perfect, and cleaning the toilet frequently takes extra effort. Despite the abundance of cleaning products on the market, many of them are harsh and pose a risk to both our health and the ceramic because of their strong chemical composition.

An Easy-to-Use But Powerful Salt Solution

You may already have a kinder, more efficient option in your kitchen cupboard. Don’t worry. Let’s investigate how regular household salt can be converted into an effective bathroom fixture cleaner. This is a simple recipe for a homemade cleaning mix that uses salt:


A small amount of baking soda

One hundred grams of coarse salt

One hundred milliliters of water


Mix It Up: In a basin, mix baking soda and coarse salt. Add water a little at a time, stirring until the mixture becomes creamy. This age-old cure works surprisingly well.

Apply with Care: Using a brush to ensure level distribution, spread the mixture throughout the toilet. Let it sit overnight without flushing.

Morning Shine: Use a morning flush to reveal a spotlessly clean and brightly whitened toilet.

Extra Advice:

To combat limescale, increase the mixture’s strength by adding white vinegar.

Not Just Toilets: This concoction is incredibly effective on tiles and other bathroom surfaces as well.

In addition to leaving your toilet spotlessly clean and bright white, this homemade cleaning solution protects your health and bathroom fixtures from the harsh chemicals present in many store-bought cleaners.

Rediscover the power of common home products for affordable, safe, and effective cleaning solutions! Start with this easy-to-make, amazingly powerful salt mixture!