Put the peels of a banana in a bottle and wait to see what happens

Just take some banana peels and a water bottle to do something unthinkable: try it now.

A very simple trick that uses banana peels as the main ingredient and a classic water bottle. The properties of this organic waste are numerous, so it should never be thrown in the trash. The advice explained by experts is best used in spring or summer, but it is undoubtedly very useful in winter too. How is it done and what is it used for? Let’s clarify things a bit.

The benefits of banana peel

Banana peels are organic waste, often discarded along with organic waste without giving them a second life. They should never be thrown in the trash but reused, even though their smell is not exactly pleasant.

In most cases, they are used as fertilizer for plants, being natural and with a higher content of minerals and vitamins. It helps plants to nourish and hydrate themselves, facilitating growth and flowering.

The main properties are the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action, which should be taken advantage of for gardening and wellness, as well as for makeup used by experts. Not only that, few know that they can also be excellent for reducing the burning sensation from some insect bites.

A simple application and pressure on the affected area promote quick healing with a natural soothing action. Rich in essential minerals, the peel is also often used as an ingredient in facial and hair masks. A natural dose of this organic waste for every need.

Banana peels: the expert method As we have already mentioned, this organic waste is definitely a package with multiple uses. In spring and summer, the product can also be used as a mosquito and pest repellent.

The homemade method is certainly interesting and very easy to prepare. The ingredients are as follows:

  • 400 ml of water;
  • Wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar, 200 ml;
  • Sugar, 200 grams;
  • 1 banana peel;
  • 2-liter water bottle.

Proceed by cutting the plastic bottle in half with scissors or a cutter. This is a delicate operation that should not be performed by children and, in any case, should be done with the utmost care.

Take a bowl to mix the vinegar and water, add the sugar, and mix until all the ingredients are combined. Pour the mixture into the half of the plastic bottle and add the banana peel at the end.

Flies and mosquitoes do not like the smell, but at the same time, they are attracted to the sugar contained in the mixture. A natural insect repellent that will keep insects away and keep your home free of unwanted guests. The jar can be placed in any corner of the house, repeating the operation once every two days.