Eliminate the smell of urine and perfume the house with this brilliant trick

Cloves are known for their pleasant aroma and antibacterial properties, which can make them useful for eliminating certain odors, including the smell of urine. Here’s how you could use cloves to help get rid of that smell:

Create a potpourri:

Place a few cloves in a bowl or small cloth bag and place it near the area where the urine smell is present. The scent of cloves can help mask the unpleasant odor.

Spray a clove solution: Boil a few cloves in water for a few minutes. Let it cool, then put the liquid in a spray bottle. You can use this solution to spray areas affected by the smell of urine. Mix with baking soda: Baking soda is another effective natural air freshener.

You can mix a few ground cloves with baking soda and then sprinkle this mixture over the affected area. Leave it for a while before cleaning. Use clove sachets: Fill small cloth bags with cloves and place them in areas where the urine smell is present.

The sachets can be placed in drawers, under furniture, or even in the bathroom. Prevent urine odor: To prevent the urine smell from lingering, it is important to clean the affected areas immediately with a suitable cleaner to remove urine residue.

Then, you can use the above methods to add a touch of clove scent to help neutralize the smell. It’s important to note that cloves can help mask the smell of urine, but will not completely eliminate it. Make sure to properly clean affected surfaces to remove the urine and prevent the odor from returning.